Mel Holmes painting tutor


Last week saw me as an art tutor to a client and friend of mine. I’ve worked with him a few times before on paintings and it was a pleasure working with someone with the patience and enthusiasm he had. The setting was glorious too – a sauna/studio with a lakeside view in The Cotswolds. Much tidier than my own studio!

View from the studio I worked as an art tutor

Studio with a lakeside view.

There’s an island in the middle of the lake which I canoed out to on a day off last time I was here. I circumnavigated the island pretty much having to crawl through the undergrowth as no one ever goes there. It was pretty exciting stuff as I had a hard time trying to find the canoe again to get back!
Studio I worked in as an art tutor
He’s had a few ideas about paintings and I’ve been helping him in putting them together. The last one was some Andy Warhol style prints – it was very interesting to look into the old techniques of screen printing and took me back to my college days. It surprised me how specialised the field of screen printing has become now – we got in touch with several screen printers but found the job was getting bigger and bigger. In the end we hand painted them in acrylics and managed to get them very close to the initial concept.

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