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Forget minimalist decor — try a mural - For those wanting the ultimate, unique, blow-the-budget interior wall effect, a “marouflage mural” may be the answer. Feature walls used to be the simplest way of injecting an opulent, luxurious feel to your home. Then came decals and wall-stickers — for those seeking a more individual design and a chance to add their creative stamp. Now, for the ultimate, unique, blow-the-budget effect, a “marouflage mural” may be the answer. Imagine a mural that is specially commissioned and painted on canvas before it is pasted on to a wall of your choice. Mel Holmes, who has created pieces for Sydmonton Court, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s home in Berkshire, and for a luxurious pool room in the Wiltshire home of Robbie Williams The Times, http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/life/property/article4331035.ece
...the most exquisite interior finishes. The quality of detailing and installation in this house has been referred to by several national estate agents as the highest standard they have ever witnessed in the UK.Michael Phillips, Michael Phillips Architects Ltd
They always contain humour within their detail and in terms of quality they are absolutely first rateGS Magazine December 07
I liked the witty trompe l'oeil bookcase painted on one wallThe Guardian 3/11/07

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