Mural for The Mosaic Rooms

Mural for The Mosaic Rooms, London

Here’s a mural project I did recently that was commissioned by The Mosaic Rooms London on behalf of the artist Mahmoud Khaled. In Mahmoud’s own words: “the exhibition is a spatial portrait of an absent person revealed through the (quite strange) contents of the phone he left behind in a public bathroom. A mysterious portrait of a man with a passion for ‘décor’ and beauty, a highly eroticised man, afflicted with anxiety, insomnia, and melancholy at the same time.”

The commission consisted of 2 mirrored paintings, that are based on a drawing by the C19th artist Max Klinger. I was requested to paint them in a style that was close to the glazed blue ceramic tiles or ‘Azulejo’ of Portugal. It was a bit of a ‘blast from the past’ as the last time I’d painted this style was for a mural at The Trafford Centre in 1998. The paintings were completed in my studio in acrylic on canvas and I installed them the week before the exhibition opened.

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