About Mel

About the Artist

Mel Homes mural artist

I’ve been drawing and painting all of my life and still love what I do.

After finishing ‘O’ levels at school, I studied at Derby School of Art, Swindon School of Art and finished my degree at Norwich School of Art. When I was at University, I started pavement drawing in my spare time. Initially, this was just to earn some extra money at something I enjoyed but I ended up taking it quite seriously. My first drawings were copies of Old Masters paintings in chalk but after a year or so I moved on to painting vast canvases in oil paints on the streets. Some were over 10 square metres. After taking numerous oil painting reproductions and mural commissions, in 1997 I switched to painting murals full time. This was initially for The Grand Union design Company in London, and I broke away after several years and eventually formed my own Limited Company in 2007.

When I’m not painting, I’m usually rock climbing around the Peak District and beyond.