Feature Ceiling Mural

I was commissioned here to design and paint a feature ceiling mural in the entrance of a Georgian town house in Suffolk. The entrance area was elliptical and access to the ceiling was fairly tricky because of a stone staircase that spiraled around the perimeter up to a balcony above. I designed the mural to include a section of false cornice, so that when I painted the actual cornice in a stone effect, there would be a seamless transition with the legs of some of the figures overhanging. The mural itself is designed around an unfinished sketch of Bacchus by the 18th Century Venetian painter Giovanni Battista Tiepolo. There’s a few personal touches I added for the client too.

I painted the canvas in my studio, and then installed it and added the cornice artwork on site. The mural itself was featured in The Times in 2015.