Tyne Bridge Mural, Hotel du Vin, Newcastle

This mural was commissioned by Hotel du Vin Newcastle. I chose to feature the construction of The Tyne Bridge here as it’s such a fantastic structure and a real feat of engineering. I did extensive research on archival footage and photographs from the period to get the composition and viewpoints worked out. The bridge was constructed between 1925 and 1928, which was very lucky as the well known ‘Newcastle Brown Ale’ was first brewed between these dates, and I wanted to get this into the painting. All the bottles of beer in the painting have the original 1927 labels on them.

Part of the commission also involved the specialist paint finishes in The Bistro of the hotel. To be consistent with the original Hotel du Vin, Winchester, the walls were finished in a ‘parchment’ style patina with hand painted, trompe l’oeil panels.