Regatta themed mural, Hotel du Vin Poole

For the opening of of this hotel I was commissioned to design and paint a regatta themed mural for the main reception. Part of the brief was to paint racing yachts where the name of each yacht represented one of the Hotels. The order and positioning of them is in the order at which they opened.

One of the challenges with this mural actually led to one of it’s strengths. As the building was Georgian and many of it’s features original, both the dado and skirting were listed and as such could not be removed. My solution was to incorporate them into the base and capping of a trompe l’oeil stone balustrade to disguise them and create a blur between the mural and the room. The balustrade was ideal, as it created a convincing seaside terrace and also leant to the illusion of steps below. With these steps I could have the figures descending, which would both frame the mural and keep the centre open for the yacht scene. Four of the people in the scene are portraits of the Hotel du Vin design team.