Jockey and wine cellar murals, Hotel Du Vin, York

These are 3 paintings that I was commissioned to complete for Hotel du Vin, York. The building itself is Georgian and the Bistro area of the Hotel was originally the stables. The concept here was to have feature murals in the alcoves with race horses and jockeys, to reflect York’s horse racing heritage. The colours of the gates reflect the Hotel du Vin colours, and the names of the horses are the Hotel du Vin champagne sponsors.

The last mural is in a private function room and features a wine cellar. The mural area was originally a large fireplace, and I used the corners of this to trompe l’oeil effect with columns edging the corners and framing the mural. The hardest part of this was the vaulted ceiling as the perspective of this took considerable working out to get accurate.

All 3 murals were painted in my studio in oil on canvas and installed.