Mural Artist, Trompe L’oeil and Paint Effects – Mel Holmes

Mel Holmes is a highly regarded mural artist who specialises in bespoke wall murals, trompe l’oeil, decorative paint effects and portraiture.

Mel is based in Sheffield UK but his mural commissions have taken him throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Bermuda and Asia. As an experienced muralist, his projects have included large scale shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and numerous private houses.

A top mural artist, Mel’s skills in the technique of marouflage allow very large murals to be completed in the studio, eliminating time and disturbance on location. With this method the client can be kept up to date with the development of the painting via images and email.

As well as murals and trompe l’oeil, Mel also offers a full range of specialist paint finishing effects including wood graining, marbling, colour washes, stoneblocking and gilding.

Recent Work

trompe l'oeil Wall mural - wine cellar Hotel du Vin - Mel Holmes
trompe l'oeil Wall mural - Tyne Bridge - Hotel du Vin - Mel Holmes
Ceiling mural - Sri Lanka - Mel Holmes
Roman ceiling mural Bermuda - Mel Holmes
trompe l'oeil Regatta wall mural - Hotel Du Vin - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Wall Mural Swimming Pool - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Wall Mural Swimming Pool - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Stonework Ruin Wall Mural - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Stone Door Reveal - Changing Rooms - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Roma Baths - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Deco Statue - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Pixies Light Switch - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Art Deco Office - Mel Holmes
Trompe l'oeil Gold Leaf Colourwash - Mel Holmes
Colour Wash Silver Trompe l'oeil - Mel Holmes


Mel Holmes is a member of An Association of Professional Muralists Find out more